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Containerized Blastfreezer (CBF)

KTI has released another premium product in the form of a Containerized Blast Freezer (CBF), suitable for the rough African environment.

The robust product is designed for easy and simple operation and maintenance, while beingconstructed using high quality products.



The Containerized Blast Freezer (CBF) is engineered and manufactured according to an industrial application and operation with steel piping and stainless steel evaporator for prolonged life and durability.

The compressor package is designed with a belt driven compressor for easy maintenance
and safety with the ever-fluctuating power supplies in Africa.

The German engineered product is fully tested before shipping.


Technical Features:

Product Volume:up to 5 tons
Product Input Temperature:5°C
Product Freezing Temperature:-18°C
Freezing Time:14-16 hours
Max. Ambient Temperature:40°C
Design Ambient Temperature:32°C
Condensing Temperature:45°C
Refrigerant:Freon, others upon request
Blast Freezer Size:20-ft. container (insulated)
Compressor:Open Drive Piston Type
Condenser:Air Cooled Condenser
Power Consumption:40 kW
Power Supply:400V / 50Hz / 3Ph, others upon request