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Concrete Heating Systems


Similar to concrete cooling systems, the components of concrete heating systems can vary depending on customer requirements or concrete design and required concrete temperatures. KTI manufactures Sauter concrete heating systems, consisting of hot water systems, hot air systems or combined plants for hot water and hot air . For heating the concrete, there is always the possibility to use hot water for mixing the concrete: Under adverse circumstances, pre-heating the aggregates is a must.

Hot water station

KTI’s experience shows that hot mixing water at cold outside temperatures further improves the quality of the concrete. The Sauter Hot Water Station (HWS) from KTI offers a reliable supply of tempered mixing water to the concrete mixing plant tailored to the specific requirements.

The hot water station is available with capacities between 300 kW and 1,320 kW and thus meets the most common needs of KTI customers. With an oil, gas or combined burner an optimal and flexible solution is provided. Embedded circulation pumps and the standard anti-freeze heater guarantee operation also under harshest winter conditions.

Air heater

If winter concrete is required, the batching plant must be able to work safely even under lowest temperatures. Very high demands concerning the concrete, which must be delivered with temperatures up to +20 °C, require further measures than the sole addition of hot water. In order to avoid exceeding the cement-water ratio, the aggregates must be heated by hot air. Of course, Sauter Air Heaters (OLH) from KTI can be used as stand-alone alternatives for concrete heating.

For the above mentioned requirements, the air heater (OLH) is the ideal solution. Whether for heating the aggregates, simply “keeping them warm” or for minimal heating rooms, the OLH offers the opportunity for flexible use.

The Sauter Air Heaters (OLH) are available in three different sizes (210 kW, 380 kW, 1000 kW) and cover usual needs of Sauter customers. With an oil, gas or combined burner an optimal and flexible solution is provided. Of course, the OLH can be delivered fully preinstalled and containerized. Often, hot air systems (OLH) and hot water systems (HWS) are installed as a combination in a joint standard 20-ft container.

Combined plants (TURBO / BOOSTER)

With ever-increasing demands on the concrete and at the same time very adverse weather conditions, such as those found in Canada, Scandinavia or Russia, high performance systems are needed to reliably supply the required heating energy induced into the concrete. The combined plants offer the advantage of producing heat outputs up to 1500 kW as well as heating hot water and hot air with just a single burner.

The Sauter combined plants from KTI are basically divided into two categories, which are to be selected according to customer requirements and installation situation:

The new Sauter TURBO – highly effective and reliable

The TURBO simultaneously produces hot water and hot air with a single burner and provides 100% energy utilization. This is realized by inducing any energy generated by the burner directly into the mixing water or as hot gas-air mixture in the aggregate silos or sand silos.

In the product family of the TURBO plants, three types are available: the TURBO Splash with focus on hot water heating (70%), the TURBO Dragon with focus on hot air generation (75%) and the TURBO Switch, which allows to choose one of both options depending on the situation.

All TURBO systems offer the STEAM function, which generates steam by injecting water into the hot gas stream. This can be used to rapidly defrost aggregates or sand.

Highest efficiency and emission-free air with the Sauter BOOSTER

The Sauter BOOSTER, like the TURBO, generates both hot water and hot air. However, the BOOSTER strictly separates the exhaust gases and the hot air flow. This offers the user the advantage that no combustion gases can accumulate in the silos and in closed or isolated rooms, as the exhaust gases are led separately directly into the open air via a chimney.

The BOOSTER can be optionally equipped with an efficiency package, which reduces the exhaust gas temperature to about +70 °C via a special heat exchanger. As the result, the efficiency is increased up to about 97%.

Furthermore, a part of the heat can be used for heating rooms for filling the water tanks of truck mixers with hot water.