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Concrete Heating Requirements

Concrete heating in cold environments


Pouring concrete in wintry temperatures, a certain minimum temperature of concrete is usually stipulated. At air temperatures between +5 °C and -3 °C, the concrete temperature during the pouring process must be at least +5 °C; using cements with low heat of hydration even +10 °C are required. If the temperature is lower than -3 °C, a concrete temperature of +10 °C is obligatory.

This measure is necessary because concrete with +5 °C requires about twice the time for curing compared to +20 °C. When concrete reaches the -10 °C limit, the curing process stops completely. Similarly, frost shortly after pouring the concrete can cause blasting and thus microstructural defects.

The required concrete pouring temperatures vary from site to site and country (from +5 °C to +30 °C maximum), so there is always the need to use a suitable heating system. Since inestments and operating costs for a concrete heating system can be high, it is important for the client always to install an optimized system according to the needs.