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Concrete Cooling & Concrete Heating

KTI – Pioneers in concrete cooling and concrete heating

Over the past decades, KTI has pioneered the field of concrete cooling technologies and continues to be the world’s number one in concrete cooling, thanks to the continuous technological developments. With the SAUTER brand, KTI also offers solutions in concrete heating.

It is necessary to cool or heat the concrete to control the temperature of the freshly mixed and poured concrete. Without a controlled cooling, stress cracks could appear within the concrete, which cause instability and fractures. Especially in dam, tunnel or bridge projects this would be an incalculable risk. On the other hand, winter concrete must be heated so that the curing process is guaranteed at all.

For this reason, regulations about the concrete pouring temperature are being formulated more precise since ever, so that even in moderate temperature zones, the issue of “temperature-controlled concrete” is becoming increasingly important.

KTI – Worldwide #1 in concrete cooling & heating

In an early stage, KTI recognized that there is a great demand in the concrete cooling and concrete heating market. In 2010, KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik GmbH aquired the business unit “Silo & Concrete Heating” of the formerly “Belimed Sauter AG” and in 2017 it was fully integrated into KTI. Since then, both divisions have been developing combined systems for concrete cooling and concrete heating.

Today, KTI offers its customers real “all-in-one solutions” for all types of concrete and temperature requirements, indepent of climate and outside temperature – and everything according to customer specifications. From now on a proper solution can be designed and offered according to every customer’s requirements for all temperature zones of the earth.

In connection with our own in-house developed calculation software we create the optimal solution for every concrete recipe and every concrete temperature. Our sound industry expertise allows us to advise you individually right from the beginning. Starting with a precise analysis of your requirements, the elaboration of a system concept up to the turnkey installation of the entire system, KTI offers you everything from a single source.

Efficient concrete cooling and concrete heating – made to measure

The demand of our customers to cool and heat economically and ecologically is sharply increased in recent years. Rising oil prices, a better understanding of the environment and higher demands on the quality of the concrete require better and more flexible cooling solutions and heating solutions for concrete batching plants.

Our portfolio comprises a wide range of equipment designed to cool or heat concrete: flake ice plants, plate ice plants, cold water plants, ice water plants, cold air plants as well as hot water plants or hot air plants. Through many years of experience, we can offer our customers an energetically efficient complete solution.