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Snow Making at Positive Temperature

snowPRO – The original

Our KTI snowPRO ushered in a renaissance in snow production since snow production has been made possible under positive temperatures. Snow production at positive temperatures is possible as the snowPRO works regardless of the ambient temperature.

The snowPRO guarantees snow making all year round and offers safe and risk-free operation of ski areas, security in planning of snow events, and many more possibilities.

An energy-efficient and 24/7 operation of the system make our snowPRO a true partner when it comes to guaranteed snow.

More about snowPRO

Your benefits of our snowPRO

Risk-free operation

Snow production all year round even at positive temperatures guarantees an early start into sheer snow pleasure and a late closure of the season. We provide you economic independence from weather!

Low operation costs

An easy and fast setup and energy-efficient operation will keep your operation costs low. KTI’s snowPRO is the most energy-efficient system in the market and provides the most snow output.

Best snow quality

Snow made with the snowPRO has a high energy content that reduces melting under warm temperatures to a minimum. In addition, due to the density of the snow it resists high winds and stays exactly where you want.

Flexibility & scalability

We offer you several variants of snow making machines for positive temperatures exactly to your demand. Our ultra-compact design using containers provides you highest flexibility. Our customers easily extend their snow production by just adding another snowPRO – straight forward.

Multiple Applications

The snowPRO comes into play with many different applications and will fit to your purpose such as operation of ski resorts, cross country and biathlon events, ski jumping, ski races, free style events. More than that, our snowPRO finds application for indoor snowing in snow domes, amusement parks, or is used to provide snow for automotive tests.

snowPRO solutions

The type of snow you desire

The latest release of the snowPRO provides a totally new type of snow that brings a bit more moisture onto the slop providing the perfect underground. The slope preparation is easy and the snow has good grip. Therefore, the snow stays in place where it is needed.

In addition, the original type of snow for positive temperatures is a perfect combination. This snow consists of dry and small ice particles which are fluffy and perfect as the top layer.

We help you to select the right type of snow that is required for your application!

Your selection of snowPRO models


70 m³ of snow per day
20 feet container

The snowPRO CRYSTAL is our most compact model. It produces 70 m³ of snow per day and the entire plant is completely installed in just one 20-foot container.

The snowPRO CRYSTAL is perfect for those with limited space or hard to reach locations. The capacity is an ideal fit for events, indoor applications, or when multiple snow plants need to be distributed throughout the ski area.


100 m³ of snow per day
40 feet container

The snowPRO FLAKE produces 100 m³ of snow per day and is installed in a single 40-foot container.

The snowPRO FLAKE is the perfect solution when looking for an all-weather snowmaker that is easy to transport and quick to install without compromise – whether outdoors or indoors at tropical temperatures.

It finds application especially in cross-country or biathlon. A safe planning of such events, which already start in autumn and end in late spring, is given with this machine.

The tropical version is used to provide snow in ski halls and other types of indoor amusement parks, and can also be easily placed on a building.


210 m³ of dry and crisp snow at positive ambient temperatures
2 40-foot containers

The snowPRO SUPERFLAKE delivers 210 m³ of dry and crisp snow at positive ambient temperatures. A big advantage is the long range of snow blasting, which can be up to 450 m! This model comes in 2 40-foot containers that are placed on top of each other.

The snowPRO SUPERFLAKE is ideal for outdoor applications, such as snowing in ski resorts for early opening and late closing of the season. It is also used in permanent sports centers such as cross-country ski arenas where competitions are held.


260 m³ of grippy snow per day
2 40-foot containers

The snowPRO SNOWBLAST produces 260 m³ of grippy snow per day and is installed in 2 40-foot containers. Thanks to thermal defrosting, our 2 largest models are particularly robust, easy to maintain and energy efficient.

The snow flakes are slightly more humid than the snow flakes of the smaller models and, therefore, compact ideally even at lower temperatures. You get exceptional grippy snow that lasts a particularly long time.

The snowPRO SNOWBLAST is ideally suited for stationary outdoor installations. Thanks to the high daily output and low energy consumption, you can start the season on time and cost-optimized.


360 m³ of snow at positive temperatures exceeds
2 40-foot containers

The snowPRO BLIZZARD is our largest and most energy efficient model that fits into just 2 40-foot containers. The production capacity of 360 m³ of snow at positive temperatures surpasses anything on the market.

The snow produced is slightly more humid for maximum grip. An extra for such a large snow performance are two long-distance snow conveyors at different locations.

The snowPRO BLIZZARD provides snow in bulk to prepare ski resorts for the season. It is the right choice for those who need large amounts of snow at positive ambient temperatures.

Largest output on the smallest footprint with the lowest energy consumption!