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Ice Systems for Fish & Seafood

Make the most out of your catch

One of the biggest challenges in the fish and seafood industry is the controlled cooling of freshly caught fish or seafood. Proper cooling directly after harvesting is the key factor for storing and transporting fish or other seafood over longer distances without losing quality and freshness. The shelf life depends largely on the speed of cooling the harvest to about 0°C. The most effective way to achieve this is to store the fish or seafood on ice.

The ice plants from KTI offer very high flexibility, because of their modular design and customization to the needs of KTI’s customers. Due to the modular structure, the systems can be easily expanded and grow with the requirements. Thus, KTI offers solutions which, in addition to high efficiency, also bring further economic advantages. Adverse weather conditions or power outages can not affect the cooling of fish or seafood by ice. It is also a very safe way to maintain the cold chain – from catch to sale – to avoid losses from spoiled goods.

Cooling the harvest solely by cold air damages the catch and dries it out. Ice keeps it fresh, moist, shiny, appetizing, thus maintaining a good market price.

KTI ice systems for a sustainable fisheries management

The extensive range of KTI ice plants is equally suitable for fishermen, fishmongers, fish processors and fish farms. The combination with our refrigerated mobile ice storage makes it possible to store large quantities of ice, which can be retrieved at high speed on demand. Thus, the fishing fleets are quickly well prepared to be able for taking off.

KTI’s ice plants produce various types of ice, such as flake ice, plate ice, flow-ice or block ice. Depending on the application the most appropriate type of ice has to be selected, while each type has its own advantages. However, all KTI plants have one thing in common: they provide the best ice quality to optimally and rapidly cool down the caught fish or seafood.

All ice systems are installed inside containers and can be easily transported as well as quickly installed on site. They are easy to place on the wharf to load the ice directly into boats. KTI provides ice handling equipment for storing, transporting and weighing the ice.

Flake ice - ideal for rapid fish cooling

Flake ice cools the fish very fast, thanks to its large specific cooling surface. Flake ice is continuously produced without defrost cycles, which makes it dry and subcooled. This has two advantages: better cooling performance and easier ice handling.

KTI Flake Ice Plants (FLIP) are available in different sizes, ranging from 20 to 100 tons of ice production per unit per day. With their modular design, they can easily be combined to produce up to 200 tons of ice per day feeding one joint KTI Mobile Ice Storage (MIS).

Plate ice - melts slowly

Plate ice is a thicker ice that melts slowly due to its lower surface area compared to flake ice. If there are no refrigerated ice storages available, it can be stored well in uncooled containers and transported over longer periods without major melting losses.

KTI Plate Ice Plants (PLIP) are available in capacities of 40 to 200 tons of ice production per day per unit. The engineers of KTI have developed a very efficient system for ice production, which achieves significant savings in power consumption.

Storing the plate ice with KTI’s specially modified Mobile Ice Storages (MIS) is possible. Also, the ice transportation was further developed and realized by KTI.

Block ice - long-lasting cooling source

The surface of an ice block for heat exchange is limited. Under tropical conditions block ice can be transported uncooled to the consumer without almost no melt loss. This provides an efficient way of storing refrigeration energy when no power supply is available.

The Block Ice Plants (MBIP) of KTI are available between 10 to 50 tons of ice production per day. An ice block weighs about 25 kg, which is an optimal size for further processing. Of course, other sizes of ice blocks are available as well.

The ice storage(MIS, MIS-b) can be used very well for storing block ice, as well.

Mobile Cold Stores - instant cooling mobile

The Mobile Cold Stores (MCS) are developed by KTI especially for the storage of food and adapted to the difficult requirements. The cold stores have a storage capacity of more than 200 m³ and are divided into two temperature zones, which allow to store food at +5 °C and -20 °C.

KTI’s Mobile Cold Stores are a perfect complement to all KTI ice systems. Featuring a modification developed by KTI, they can serve as a foundation for the ice storage. With this, KTI provides customers with holistic solutions for cooling and storing fish and seafood.