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Service Portfolio

KTI offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of services and spare parts:


Inspection & Service

Quick & reliable troubleshooting
Reduced and planned equipment downtimes
Higher efficiency and longer lifecycles

Our 24/7 service and our more than 60 technicians respond to more than 5,000 service-calls a year.

In case of an urgent service request (serious system downtime outside of our business hours), please call our 24/7 hotline:



Reduce risk of unexpected breakdowns
Top performance over the long term
Maximum durability and efficiency of your KTI plant

Our more than 60 service technicians perform over maintenance activities for over 500 customers worldwide.

Genuine Spare Parts

Genuine spare parts provide higher quality
Warranty on original spare parts
Maximum durability for a longer equipment lifecycle

With over 2,000 products stored in our 8 warehouses, KTI has the capability to deliver spare parts quickly and reliably to its customers all over the world.

Service Contracts

Individualized service contracts
Customized maintenance schedules
Higher efficiency and a loner lifecycle

KTI serves more than 120 individual service contracts tailored to customer needs worldwide.

Remote Monitoring

Quick support by KTI without on-site visit
Advantage of having access to expert know-how
Travel cost and time saving

Over 130 customers, who decided to go with our remote monitoring option, benefit from fast troubleshooting by our experts – without any long travels.


Functional analysis of your plant
Enhanced plant condition for extended lifecycle
Retrained plant operators due to active involvement

Regular overhauls can almost double the life expectancy of your plant, thus profiting of KTI quality for more than 30 years.

Shut-downs & Start-ups

Professional start-ups into the season guarantee smooth operations
Proper plant shut-downs protect your plant equipment

Over 500 customers benefit from professionally and properly executed shut-downs & start-ups of their KTI plants.


Optimized operations through qualified personnel
Transfer of expert know-how
Certification & documentation

Yearly, KTI performs trainings for operation personnel in order to impart dedicated knowledge for preventing breakdowns and reducing costly service visits – directly on-site or in one of our training locations.


Repair & return

If it is necessary to return a defective part of your system, we need complete and comprehensive information about the process. Therefore, fill in the following error report completely and carefully and send it back together with the article to:

KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik GmbH
Carl-Otto-Weg 14/2
88481 Balzheim

KTI Incident Report download

As a certified company and due to legal regulations to protect our employees and the environment, we are obliged to document the safety of your return for all incoming goods.

For this purpose, we need the fully completed decontamination declaration attached to the error report. The form must be completed and signed off by authorized specialists. Attach the original to the packaging of your return so that it is clearly visible from the outside.