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SAUTER Booster

Booster (Hot Water & Hot Air)

The Sauter BOOSTER from KTI is a combination system and generates hot water and hot air in one device. With maximum efficiency, the BOOSTER lowers both energy consumption and the resulting costs, since the exhaust gases enter a special flue gas / water heat exchanger after the combustion chamber. The exhaust gas temperature is reduced to approx. 70 ° C, and energy is taken from the kettle to preheat the fresh air drawn in and supplied to the supply air in front of the combustion chamber.

Due to the low volume flow of the exhaust gases, which is only generated by a small burner fan, there are losses of less than 3% of the total output. Consumption figures for a customer from Moscow who uses the BOOSTER with Efficiency Package under the winter conditions there demonstrate that oil consumption of only 0.7 liters per m³ of concrete is possible.

An investment that pays off, because with the use of this heat exchanger, the efficiency increases again by 10% to up to 97%. Overheating of the hot water in the storage tank is also prevented, which significantly reduces the forced shutdown of the burner.

Features KTI Sauter BOOSTER:

Power:920 or 1320kW
Energy Distribution:65% Water / 35% Air
Water Output (dT 40K):12,2 or 17,5 m³/h
Water Output (dT 60K):8 or 11,6 m³/h
max.  Water Temperature:+ 85°C
Air Volume Flow:2800 or 3600 m³/h
Air Outlet Temperature:320°C
Steam Output:150 or 200 kg/h
Burning Medium:oil, gas, combination
Execution:Containerized, inside installation
Optional:Efficiency package