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Air Heaters / Silo Heating (OLH)

Air Heaters (OLH)

KTI Sauter Air Heater (OLH) are suitable for all types of silos. Either heating aggregates in star-type silos, tower silos or inline silos, the OLHs fit to individual requirements.

The Air Heaters are designed with a full-frame and fully welded steel housing, which is insulated with special panels for making the plant heat and sound proof. Heating registers attached at the short side are made of high-quality and heat-proofed steels.

The high performance fan of the OLH 180 is attached vibration-free on top of the Air Heater. For bigger sizes the fan sits beside the heating unit. The switching cabinet is mounted directly and is equipped with a PLC-control of the latest generation. This provides the opportunity to the customer to apply freely selectable operation and time programs.

Of course, the OLH can be prefabricated inside a container but is also available as a stand-alone version for placing it into a building. Many customers of KTI decide to go for a combination of an Air Heater and Hot Water Station.


Heating capacity:210 – 1000 kW
Air flow (vol.:)6,500 – 11,500 m³ / h
Air temperature:+130 – 150 °C
Fuel:Oil, gas, combination
Execution:Containerized, stand-alone for building
Power supply:50 Hz or 60 Hz; special power supply upon request
Control:Siemens PLC, Color-Touchscreen
Optional:Steaming function