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Containerized Ice Water Plants (CIWP)

Are water temperatures below +1 °C required, KTI offers Containerized Ice Water Plants (CIWP), which cool down water at an inlet temperature between +20 °C and +45 °C. KTI CIWPs are equipped with a special ice bank systems, which allow the water to circulated around a shell-and-tube evaporator or a plate evaporator.

The ice water systems have a four-stage cooling of the water. First, the water is cooled to +38 °C via a cooling tower or evaporative condenser. Subsequently, further cooling via shell-and-tube evaporators to +4 °C is performed before running through the ice bank system for chilling the water below +1 °C.

Up to a production of 345 m³ ice water per day, the plants are mounted in a 20-ft container, up to a production of 440m³ ice water in a 40-ft. container. The condensing unit is placed on the roof of the container, but can also be integrated as required into the container, which results into a very compact plug-and-play solution.

As the perfect complement to the ice water systems, KTI offers perfectly insulated water tanks that are either directly installed in the machine container (ICWT ), installed as a unit into a separate container (CCWT) or in a solid steel frame (SFWT).


Daily capacity:90 – 440 m³ / day per unit
Temperature spread:16 – 44K; special designs upon request
Refrigerant:Ammonia (R717, NH3), Freon (R404A, R134A, R449, etc.)
Version:Standard or tropical
Standards:CE, CSA , UL conformity; further upon request
Compressors:Screw semi-hermetic or open-type, piston
Condenser:Evaporative condenser, cooling tower, water cooled, air cooled (not for tropical version)
Evaporator:Carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, copper-nickel
Evaporation:flooded, dry expansion
Machinery room:20/40-ft. ISO-Container, room cooling, optionally insulated
Power supply:50 Hz or 60 Hz; special power supply upon request
Control:Siemens PLC, Color-Touchscreen