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KTI offers a complete range of perfectly insulated cold water tanks and ice water tanks specially designed to complement KTI Cold Water Plants and KTI Ice Water Plants as well as Flake Ice Plants and Plate Ice Plants. KTI chillers are placed on top of the water tanks to save space and reduce installation costs. KTI provides the necessary galvanized stairs and platforms for easy access to the plant as well.

Your KTI-team appreciates to advise you. Three options are available:

Containerized Cold Water Tanks (CCWT)

Up to a maximum size of 58 m³, KTI integrates an insulated cold water tank or ice water tank made of steel in one container. Depending on the size, a 20-ft. or 40-ft. container is used. This makes the containerized cold water tank extremely flexible and mobile.

Steel Frame Water Tanks (SFWT)

Up to a maximum size of 150 m³, KTI installs an insulated cold water tank inside a steel frame adapted to the size of the tank. Similarly, the cold water tank can be installed in a suitable steel frame to place KTI Cold Water Plants (CCWP) and KTI Ice Water Plants (CIWP) on top. Thus, Steel Frame Water Tanks can be used as the foundation support structure of an entire KTI solution. 

Integrated Cold Water Tanks (ICWT)

Opting for a KTI Cold Water Plant (CCWP) or KTI Ice Water Plant (CIWP) in small or mid-sized capacities (up to approx. 200 kW), KTI offers the option to install an insulated cold water tank inside the same container as the chiller. This offers the opportunity to save costs for transport, installation and commissioning.