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Mobile Cold Stores (MCS)

KTI Mobile Cold Stores offer cooled premises exactly where required. Thanks to an heavy-duty steel frame, the cold stores can be easily erected, dismantled and transported. Thus, a site change is done easy and fast.

The cold stores are available in different equipment variants. The arrangement of the entrances can be executed according to customer requirements. Likewise, the type of access can be realized either by a sliding door or by a swinging door, which are all available in different widths. The floor covering is basically freely selectable, but mostly made of aluminum or PVC.

The Mobile Cold Stores are available with either a temperature combination of +45 °C / +5 °C or +5 °C / -20 °C. They can also be designed with two individually adjustable temperature zones, resulting in even more flexibility in storing.

Whether as a stand-alone system, stackable or side-by-side, KTI Mobile Cold Stores offer a flexible solution for all requirements regarding refrigerated storage space. Certainly, easy accessibility with small vehicles is possible in order to facilitate the handling of goods.


Cooled room:200 m³ (height adjustable according to requirements)
Temperature combinations:+45 °C / +5 °C, +5 °C / -20 °C
Temperature zones:one zone or two independent zones
Execution:Stand-alone, stackable, side-by-side
Refrigeration equipment:Fully integrated, air cooled
Flooring:Aluminium, PVC, others upon request
Access:Swinging door (standard, custom), sliding door (standard, custom)
Goods handling:Small pallet jack, stackers