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Mobile Ice Storages (MIS)

KTI Mobile Ice Storages (MIS) are the perfect combination with an Flake Ice Plant (FLIP) or Plate Ice Plant (PLIP). With this, certain amounts of ice can be stored over a period and discharged on demand and for covering demand peaks. An entire daily capacity of the ice plant can be discharged during the production in a short period. Even excess production capacity will fill the ice storage and is not lost.

The Mobile Ice Storages are equipped with fully automatic rake and conveyor system as well as a air cooling unit. They are prefabricated in rigid steel frames or a container with double-wall insulation. The size of the ice storage depends on its holding capacity but starts with a 40-ft. container up to a steel frame of approx. 15 m length and 4.5 m width. This means, all containerized ice plants of KTI perfectly fit to be placed upon a Mobile Ice Storage. For increasing the capacity, two ice plants can be placed next to each other on top of the models MIS-75, MIS-90, MIS-120.

Jede KTI Eisanlage passt genau auf die Mobile Ice Storages, wobei es sogar möglich ist, zwei Eisanlagen auf den Modellen MIS 75, MIS 90 und MIS 120 nebeneinander zu platzieren.

KTI provides support steel frames, stairs and platforms for all ice storage sizes. After finalizing the connection of power and water supply together with the installation of the ice plant, the ice storage and delivery system are ready to use.


Ice holding capacity:23 to 120 tons
Ice types:Flake ice, plate ice, tube ice
Room cooling:Extra large cross section for cold air circulation, water cooled
Ice discharge:Fully automatic ice rake system, galvanized rakes; stainless steel upon request
Ice transport:Discharge screw (single or double), simultaneous discharge in 2 directions possible
Version:Standard or tropical
Certification:CE, CSA, UL conformity; further upon request
Power supply:50 Hz or 60 Hz; special power supply upon request
Control:Siemens PLC, Color-Touchscreen
Optional:Support steel frame for raising the ice storage and housing the conveyor system or water tank, pneumatic slide gate for ice bagging