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Mobile Block Ice Plants (MBIP)

KTI Mobile Block Ice Plants (MBIP) are available in ice production capacities between 10 and 50 tons. The ice is produced in 25 kg blocks to ensure an easy handling. The specially designed thin-walled ice cans made of corrosion-resistant steel are filled with pre-chilled water and dipped into the cold brine. After a certain freezing time, the blocks are pulled out of the brine, slightly defrosted and emptied via a ramp. This system has proven itself over decades.

A Block Ice Plant usually consists of a machine container for the refrigeration plant, an insulated steel framework for the actual ice production and an ice storage container. Up to a production capacity of 10 tons of ice per day, the entire system (without ice storage) can be installed in a single 40-ft. container.

KTI MBIPs require no construction activities and are built extremely compact. Installed turnkey in containers or transportable steel frames, the location for placing the plant is very flexible and relocation is quickly possible. As with all other KTI products, only the water supply, power supply and foundation needs to be provided.


Daily capacity:10 – 50 tons / day
Block size:25 or 50 kg
Refrigerant:Freon R404a, R449a
Version:Standard or tropical
Certification:CE, CSA, UL conformity; further upon request
Compressors:Screw semi-hermetic, piston
Condenser:Evaporative condenser
Cooling medium:Salt solution
Ice cans:Stainless steel, galvanized
Glycol generation:Titan plate heat exchanger
Evaporation:Dry expansion
Machinery room:40-ft. container, room cooling, optionally insulated
Ice generation::Insulated steel frame, up to 10 tons inside machinery room
Ice storage:40-Fuß ISO-Container, klimatisiert, optional isoliert
Power supply:50 Hz or 60 Hz; special power supply on request
Control:Siemens SPS, Color-Touchscreen
Optional:Special block sizes, special production capacities up to 100 tons