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Flake Ice Plants (FLIP)

KTI Flake Ice Plants (FLIP) are turnkey solutions, prefabricated and installed in a 40-ft. container, available with ice production capacities of 20 to 100 tons of flake ice per day per unit. KTI’s FLIPs are the perfect solution for providing ice to and cooling various industrial processes, from concrete cooling, through the chemical industry, to cooling fish and other foods.

KTI relies on innovative designs and reliable refrigerants to guarantee an efficient operation for each Flake Ice Plants. By prefabricating the complete systems in containers, all plants can be easily transported, quickly commissioned and expanded as required.

All KTI Flake Ice Plants are equipped with ice makers that have non-rotating drums to avoid the risk of refrigerant leakage at the shaft seals. Special knives mechanically remove the ice on the inside of the ice maker. Ice thicknesses between 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm can be realized, which have to be adjusted on the field of application and according to the requirements. The flake ice is subcooled to approx. -7 °C and can therefore be stored longer and transported better.

All Flake Ice Plants are prefabricated in our production facilities in Balzheim, Germany, and only have to be commissioned on-site.


Daily capacity:20 – 100 tons / day per unit
Ice thickness:1,5 – 2,5 mm (adjustable)
Refrigerant:Ammonia (NH3), Freon (R404A, R449A, etc.)
Version:Standard or tropical
Certification:CE, CSA, UL conformity; further upon request
Compressors:Screw semi-hermetic or open-type
Condenser:Evaporative condenser, cooling tower, water cooled, air cooled (not for tropical version)
Ice maker:Chrome-plated or carbon steel surface; stainless steel upon request
Evaporation:flooded, dry expansion
Machinery room:40-ft. container, room cooling, optionally insulated
Power supply:50 Hz or 60 Hz; special power supply upon request
Control:Siemens SPS, Color-Touchscreen
Optional:Pre-chiller unit for water temperatures of +5 °C