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Ice Plants

KTI is a manufacturer of plants for producing flake ice, plate ice, block ice and tube ice. The special feature is, that all plants are prefabricated and installed inside of containers, which brings massive savings in transport and commissioning on-site. KTI ice plants are the result of years of experience in the production of ice. The engineers of KTI not only develop high-performance ice plants with daily ice production capacities between 20 and 100 tons of flake ice or 20 and 200 tons of plate per unit, but also highly efficient systems.

In addition to the standard portfolio, KTI also designs and produces customized ice plants for special applications. Our engineers appreciate to advise you for special solutions.


Flake Ice Plants (FLIP)

KTI Flake Ice Plants (FLIP) are turnkey solutions, prefabricated and installed in a 40-ft. container, available with ice production capacities of 20 to 100 tons of flake ice per day per unit. KTI relies on innovative designs and reliable refrigerants to guarantee an efficient operation for each Flake Ice Plant.


Plate Ice Plants (PLIP)

KTI Plate Ice Plants (PLIP) can be used highly flexible. Either only for plate ice production or for the production of plate ice and cold water or purely as a chiller unit with falling film evaporator. The Plate Ice Plants are available with ice production capacities between 20 and 200 tons per day per unit. With ammonia as refrigerant, the plants run highly energy efficient.


Mobile Block Ice Plants (MBIP)

KTI Block Ice Plants are available with production capacities up to 50 tons per day. The block ice is produced in blocks of 25 kg each, which is the best size for proper handling. The KTI concept for Mobile Block Ice Plants has been established through the last decades.