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Underground Chiller (UC)

KTI Underground Chillers (UC) are specifically designed for use in underground mining where both the evaporator and the condenser can handle heavily contaminated water without any loss in performance.

In particular, the engineers of KTI have considered the special requirements of mining operators during the R&D phase. One basic outcome is that the shape of the Underground Chiller is designed for an easy transport down the mine shaft and underground to the heat-emitting places.

With the Underground Chiller, KTI opens new boundaries in the operation of chillers. The technical features considerably exceed the specifications of any conventional chiller. Heavy-duty reciprocating compressors ensure a stable operation and guarantee constant availability of cooling capacity. In addition, KTI has even achieved 15% in energy savings compared to standard chillers.


Refrigeration capacity:350 – 500 kW
Refrigerant:Freon (R134A)
Standards:CE, CSA , UL conformity; further upon request
Verflüssiger:Rohrbündelkondensator (Kupfer/Nickel)
Condenser:Shell-and-tube (copper-nickel)
Machinery room:galvanized, heavy-duty steel frame
Power supply:50 Hz or 60 Hz; special power supply upon request
Control:Siemens PLC, Color-Touchscreen