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Aggregate-Chiller (CAC-w)

KTI has developed special Aggregate-Chillers (CAC-w) that meet the extreme demands of the concrete industry to cool aggregates on wet-belts or in flooded silos before feeding the batching plant. KTI realized the key requirement to produce water with a temperature between +1 °C and +4 °C by using falling film chillers, which have been specially developed to effectively cool water even when its contaminated with mud and gravels. The Aggregate-Chillers are extremely resistant to dirt and designed to reduce the cleaning effort to a minimum.

Extremely stable stainless steel evaporators are used in the falling film evaporators, which can also be cleaned during operation. Furthermore, these offer an excellent heat transfer. KTI relies on ammonia as refrigerant, which significantly contributes to an highly efficient operation of the plants.

The plants are available with refrigeration capacities between 750 and 1500 kW and installed in a 40-ft. container.


Refrigeration capacity:750 -1500 kW per unit
Refrigerant:Ammonia (R717, NH3), Freon (R404A, R134A, etc.)
Version:Standard or tropical
Standards:CE, CSA , UL conformity; further upon request
Compressors:Screw semi-hermetic or open-type
Condenser:Evaporative condenser, cooling tower, water cooled, air cooled (not for tropical version)
Evaporator:Stainless steel
Evaporation:flooded, dry expansion
Machinery room:40-ft. ISO-Container, room cooling, optionally insulated
Power supply:50 Hz or 60 Hz; special power supply upon request
Control:Siemens PLC, Color-Touchscreen