KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik

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All KTI chiller systems are designed and manufactured according to the customer’s requirements – one of our main principles. Therefore, KTI is able to offer a broad portfolio of solutions to its customers – starting with cold water plants or ice water plants to glycol chillers up to special designs such as the KTI Underground Chiller or process cooling systems for the beverage industry.

KTI chillers work equally reliably through the use of proven components and efficiently under demanding conditions. All chillers are prefabricated in a standard container, piped and electrically wired to a turnkey solution. Standard containers not only provide an extremely robust machine room, but KTI’s customer benefit also from an extremely fast on-site installation. Likewise, this structure offers the possibility to transport the plants quickly to a location.

Thanks to our experience and know-how gained in recent decades, the systems are constantly being further developed and thus meet the latest technical standards. All chillers are operated with a one-, two-, three- or four-stage refrigeration cycle and thus achieve the highest levels of efficiency – depending on the requirements and operating conditions. This helps the customer to reduce operating costs for energy.


Containerized Cold Water Plants (CCWP)

The KTI Containerized Cold Water Plants (CCWP) efficiently and reliable cool down fresh water to a certain specified outlet temperature, normally between +3 °C and +5 °C. Depending on the water inlet temperature and climatic conditions, KTI designs the plants individually. One main focus is on high efficiency operation of the plants.


Containerized Ice Water Plants (CIWP)

For water temperatures below +1 °C KTI manufactures Containerized Ice Water Plants (CIWP). The CIWPs feature a special ice bank system, which allows the water to circulate and to provide cooling energy on peak demands. Likewise to all other chillers, KTI takes the utmost care to ensure efficient operation.


Aggregate-Chiller (CAC-w)

KTI Aggregate-Chillers (CAC-w) are specially designed to meet the heavy-duty requirements of the concrete industry to cool aggregates on wet-belt systems or flooded silos. Even water, contaminated with mud or gravel, is effectively cooled below +1 °C by a stainless steel falling film evaporator. All CAC-w plants are available as containerized systems and provide highest performance ratios.


Underground Chiller (UC)

KTI Underground Chillers (UC) open new boundaries for the operation of chillers and are specially developed for the application in underground mining. Both the evaporator as well as the condenser are designed for heavy contaminated water and exceed the performance of conventional chillers. The UC series of KTI is integrated in special steel frames for an easy transport through the mine shaft and underground.