KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik

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Equipment & Accessories

In addition to turnkey solutions, KTI offers matching accessoires and equipment parts, which are optimally aligned with our customers’ needs: water tanks, ice transportation, ice weighing or support steel structures, stairs and platforms.

Water Tanks

KTI offers a wide range of perfectly insulated cold water tanks and ice water tanks specially designed for the use in combination with KTI Cold Water or Ice Water Plants or KTI Flake Ice or Plate Ice Plants.


Ice Transportation & Ice Weighing

In addition to the production of ice, its handling, conveying and weighing is of enormous importance in order to achieve the best performance with the KTI ice plants.


Steel Frames, Stairs and Platforms

KTI offers real turnkey solutions. This comprises a proper support steel structure as well as stairs and platforms for easy access to the machinery room or ice storage.