KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik

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Refrigeration Systems & Cooling Solutions


KTI chiller work both reliable due to long-term established components and efficient even under adverse climatic conditions.


Ice Plants

KTI is a manufacturer of plants for producing flake ice, plate ice, block ice and tube ice. The special feature is, that all plants are prefabricated and installed inside of containers, which brings massive savings in transport and commissioning on-site.


Ice Storages

Just as important as the ice production is its proper storing. Therefore, KTI has developed reliable ice storages that do not only store the ice but also keep it fresh and transportable.


Combined Plants

The combined plants of KTI bring both flake ice and cold water or ice water production onto one joint container. The KTI CombiMaster is a combined heating and cooling solution in one unit.


Cold Air Plants

KTI Cold Air Plants cool down the ambient air via a specially developed multi-stage system. For this, KTI relies on large-surface cooling registers for optimized heat exchange and thus achieving highest efficiency.


Mobile Cold Stores

The Mobile Cold Stores developed by KTI provide cooled space – exactly where required. Thanks to the heavy-duty steel frame, the Mobile Cold Stores can easily be transported, installed and dismantled again.



In addition to our KTI turnkey solutions, a comprehensive portfolio of accessoires and ice handling equipment, which fits optimally to the requirements of our customers, is available: water tanks, ice transportation equipment, ice weighing systems, support steel frames and stairs & platforms.