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Innovation Weeks 2021

KTI’s exclusive in-house exhibition, the KTI Innovation Weeks 2021, welcomes you to its headquarters in Balzheim, Germany from 7th June – 31st October, 2021. This event is symbolic of KTI’s expertise of over 35 years, all on a single platform.

Visit us to learn about KTI’s world-class temperature-control plants, designed for all your heating and cooling requirements across industries. Be it Concrete Cooling and Heating, Refrigeration for Food and Beverage, Ice systems for Fish and Seafood, Pigment Production or customized solutions for Industrial Refrigeration – KTI’s GOT IT ALL!

KTI plants would be displayed in the outdoor area for live sessions, while our team would assist and address your queries.

Our exhibited systems

1    Flake Ice Plant (FLIP) / Mobile Ice storage and delivery system (MIS) / Foundation Container
2   Plate Ice Plant (PLIP) with combined chilled water plant (ICWP) and Mobile Ice storage and delivery system (MIS)
3   KTI Ice Selling System (KISS) with Continous Weighing Screw Conveyor / Ticketing System / Blowing Station
4   Slurry Ice Plant (SIP)
5   Hot Water System (HWS)
6   Air heater for concrete aggregates (OLH)
7   Combined Cold Air and Cold Water Plant (CCAP+CCWP)
8   A combination of a smaller Flake Ice Plant with manual ice storage
9   CombiMaster for heating and cooling of Aggregates
10  Containerized Blast Freezer for food preservation

If you are looking for an ideal temperature-control solution to improve the efficiency and output of your business processes, the KTI Innovation Weeks is your place to be. KTI shall ensure that you walk out with the best solution to amplify your business goals.

For appointments, mail us at info@kti-plersch.com or call us on +49 7347 95720.

In order to comply with all COVID related measures, all customers are welcome in a personal basis and only by invitation.