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Various Ice Products (VIP)

Various Ice Products (VIP)

VIP was established as a free Zone company in the emirate of Dubai in the year 2000. This operation was to initially support KTI in marketing its products in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia region.

Subsequently VIP was also contracted by KTI to manufacture the mobile ice storages, delivery sytems and other steel works under license. Most of the components for assembling these is supplied by KTI, only some steel works was sourced locally in UAE.

VIP is critical to KTI operations and costs, as most of the components assembled in these facilities reduces the shipping costs of complete equipment from Germany and in turn saving customers a lot of costs. Most of these assembled structures will be difficult to ship from Germany or very expensive to ship  because of out size dimensions .

VIP’s  12,000 sq. m facilities are quite equipped with over head cranes and other material handling equipment’s to handle all products necessary to be assembled in UAE.

VIP has a team of Engineers and technicians who do the assembly according to instruction and quality standards of KTI. Most of these engineers and technicians have been with VIP since the start of the Company.


Products manufactured by VIP

  • Mobile Ice Storage in standard and special executions
  • Steel Frame Water Tank
  • Steel Frame
  • Stairs, Platforms and Ladders
  • Slide gates
  • Ice weighers
  • Blowing systems