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Refrigeration for Food & Beverage

Efficient refrigeration for food and beverages along the entire value chain

For the food industry, proper cooling is one of the most important factors for increasing or at least maintaining a company’s profitability. Companies involved in the production of products at all stages – from harvesting to further processing, packaging and delivery – must take great care to ensure that suitable technologies are used. In addition to unwanted costs, spoiled products also cause large amounts of waste.

The use of ice - more than just frozen water

When fruits and vegetables are processed, ice can be used to cool or actually freeze the product. In any case, it is an extremely flexible and versatile solution for preserving products. The ice cools the product to just slightly above 0 °C and thus avoids freezing of the sensitive goods. As the ice cools the fresh vegetables, the melted ice water evaporates, keeping the ambient air humid. The ice ensures the perfect balance between humidity and temperature, thus preserving the water content and freshness of the products.

In the field of baked goods, ice already plays an important role in the preparation of the dough. Smaller amounts of flake ice are added to the kneader to allow accurate temperature control of each batch below +20 °C. Thanks to the large surface area of flake ice, a rapid cooling is enforced which reliably prevents secondary fermentation of lactic acid and butyric acid, undesired growth of bacteria, inconsistent dough texture, unpleasant odor and pungent taste.

In the meat processing industry, flake ice, also in combination with ice water, is excellent for cooling but also for the actual process. Due to its ability to inhibit bacterial growth, the addition of flake ice into the meat cutter is useful for producing sausages or pies.

Likewise, the use of cold water or ice water in the slaughter of poultry, in order to easily handle the critical cooling phase in this process. To reduce the core temperature, the poultry is dipped into ice water or cold water after slaughtered and the temperature is lowered from +40 °C to below +4 °C.

In addition to Cold Water Plant (CCWP) or Ice Water Plants (CIWP), KTI has different ice plants available – flake ice (FLIP), plate ice (PLIP) and block ice (MBIP). Together with an KTI ice storage (MIS, MIS-b), the ice can be stored for longer periods and delivered in the desired quantity just on request. Depending on the needs of the customers and the application, the different plants of KTI are combined to a holistic refrigeration solution.

Highly efficient chillers for the beverage industry

With a constantly growing variety and quantity of beverages – from water to soft drinks to beer – the complexity in their production and thus also the requirements for efficient cooling increases.

Additional consumers such as stretch blow molding machines for the production of PET bottles or other machines must be cooled continuously. New ingredients and innovative manufacturing processes require further options to cool the fresh drinks before, during and after bottling.

At the same time, the focus is on energy saving, opening the potential to minimize production costs for the best competitive advantage.

KTI water chillers offer a highly efficient solution that is individually designed and optimized according to the given requirements. Of course, the engineers at KTI take into account the customer’s specifications, requirements and wishes – the focus is always on saving of cooling energy and, at the same time, high flexibility for the customer.

The savings made with KTI chillers amortize your system in a short period. Simple installation, easy operation of the system and the highest quality make the KTI solution to a reliable solution.

All KTI systems are available with ammonia (R717) as refrigerant, making the system even more efficient, thus an environmentally friendly solution.

Mobile storing of food for a maximum of flexibility

Ensuring appropriate cooling for food is a critical success factor. However, cooled facilities to store goods are the bottlenecks in many cases. Further, it can be the requirement that certain products must be stored in strictly separated rooms to avoid contact with other goods. Whether in food processing companies or logistics companies, which require cooled storage capacities, KTI’s Mobile Cold Stores (MCS) can be used wherever there is a need to quickly and flexibly create a cooling solution for products.

With the Mobile Cold Stores (MCS), KTI has created a product that creates a refrigerated space where you need it – without any hassle and expense of planning or expanding existing buildings. The applied technology is based on KTI’s proven Mobile Ice Storages (MIS) have been used worldwide for decades.

Mobile Cold Stores can be used as standalone refrigerated space or as a building extension. Thanks to the specially designed steel construction, it is possible to put several mobile cold stores on top of each other, thus also connecting cold rooms on different floors. Of course, the access with smaller pallet jacks is guaranteed to ensure easy loading and unloading of pallets.