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Ice Systems for Pigment Production

Cooling exothermic reactions with KTI ice systems for pigments production

Dyes and pigments are used in the plastics industry, dyestuff industry and textile industry, but also in many other industries. During production, these are synthesized in reactors, where an exothermic chemical reaction is taking place.

The resulting very high temperatures must be strictly controlled in order to comply with safety and quality regulations to prevent failed reactions.

This can be done with flake ice. KTI Flake Ice Plants (FLIP) produce dry ice with very good heat absorption properties in compliance with environmental, health and safety guidelines.

KTI flake ice plants (FLIP) for the control of exothermic reactions

KTI’s Flake Ice Plants (FLIP) are built according to the demanding electrical and safety standards of the chemical industry and will be supplied completely from a single source. This includes the design of pressure vessels and ice makers in accordance with the Pressure Vessel Directive 97/23/CE, explosion proof motors and CE compliant electrical installation. KTI can deliver ice capacities from 20 to 100 tons of ice production per day installed in only one unit. Of course, these can be easily extended, should the need for more ice occur.

Particular attention is paid to energy efficiency. KTI uses environmentally friendly refrigerants such as ammonia (R717) and has optimized the plant design.

The flake ice plants continuously feed the KTI Mobile Ice Storage (MIS, MIS-b) with flake ice. The ice is temporarily stored and can be discharged immediately when required. The ice is transported fully automatically from the ice storage to the vats.

Pneumatic conveying systems allow to transport the ice to several remote locations at high delivery rates. Weighing systems can be integrated for the exact dosage of ice.