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KTI has the perfect solution for all applications!

Concrete Cooling and Concrete Heating

Over the past decades, KTI has pioneered the field of concrete cooling technologies and continues to be the world’s number one in concrete cooling, thanks to the continuous technological developments. With the SAUTER brand, KTI also offers solutions in concrete heating.


Mine Cooling

With containerized Plate Ice Plants and the Underground Chiller, KTI has created a flexible and highly efficient way to cool deep mines. This guarantees the operation of the mine even under the adverse underground conditions and keep the miners’ working environment at the recommended ambient temperature. With this, KTI is a pioneer in replacing the traditional large-scale refrigeration systems and the adherent costs with modular, “growing-when-necessary” refrigeration systems.


Ice for Fish & Seafood

The extensive range of KTI ice plants is equally suitable for fishermen, fishmongers, fish processors and fish farms. The combination with our refrigerated mobile ice storage makes it possible to store large quantities of ice, which can be retrieved at high speed on demand. Thus, the fishing fleets are quickly well prepared to be able for taking off.

snow at positve temperatures

Snow Making at Positive Temperature

KTI’s snowPRO is the leading snow machine for snow production at positive temperatures. Forget about the risk of warm weather and a lack in snow! Our all-weather snow maker provides you the security to have snow at 365 days a year!


Ultra-Low Temperature Storages

KTI cryomed presents the world’s first all natural ultra-low temperature storage. Storing your valuable goods at temperatures between -40 to -110 °C is not a problem. The high efficiency contributes to low running costs together with reliable machinery.

KTIcryomed Ultra-Low Temperature Storage

Refrigeration for Food & Beverage

Thanks to its broad portfolio of industrial refrigeration technology, KTI offers the right equipment to all customers from various food sectors – production of baked goods, meat and poultry, dairy and beverages. Therefore, KTI relies on the experience from other industrial areas and delivers highly efficient and reliable refrigeration plants to keep customers’ production costs on a minimum.


Ice for Dyes & Pigment Production

KTI’s ice systems provide the most efficient way to stop exothermic reactions on point. By fully integrating the equipment into the production system of KTI’s customers, the plants provide a comprehensive set of equipment to supply the required amount of ice just-in-time to the requesting reactors.


Special Industrial Refrigeration Solutions

With more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of refrigeration systems, KTI-Plersch has a fundamental knowledge and expertise. By supplying different industries with refrigeration equipment, KTI knows as a competent partner, the specific needs of its customers in the respective industries and can provide the best advice through the valuable know-how.