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Turnkey Systems

KTI provides simple and highly cost efficient solutions. They require

  • no extra underground water tank
  • no separate support construction
  • no additional engineering and design work.

The modular systems of KTI are set up within the shortest possible time. It takes

With proper site preparation a complete concrete cooling system will be in operation within one week.


Most of the KTI systems are employed on special projects, which are usually completed after two or three years. After that the equipment must to be relocated immediately and easily. Only with KTI’s unique modular systems this can be achieved. Dismantling and re-assembly can be carried out in less than two weeks including the new start-up procedures.

Cost efficiency – no hidden costs

KTI’s modular systems turn out to be the most cost efficient solutions in terms of

  • fixed investment costs on the equipment
  • costs on additional water tanks and pumping systems
  • costs on extra foundation, stairways and platforms
  • re-usabilty on later projects.

Easy expansion

The KTI design is ready for future growth. If the demand for ice increases over the years, the ice production capacity can be doubled by simply adding another flake ice plant on top of the existing ice storage. Both, ice storage and ice delivery systems need not be modified. KTI’s customers start with a smaller plant (with lower budget) and invest additionally just when it is necessary. This is the most economical and efficient way of expansion.


KTI chillers and flake ice plants are designed by German engineers – based on their long-lasting experience and know-how – and assembled in KTI’s own plants in Germany, by a superior team of German technicians and craftsmen. The ice rake and delivery systems are also designed and produced in Germany. KTI uses only the best parts available on the markets in Germany, Europe and the USA. Storage containers and blowing stations are assembled in VIP’s modern factory in Dubai under the constant supervision of German engineers.


The majority of the world’s top ready-mix companies and contractors use KTI equipment  – most of them – exclusively.

They opted for KTI’s

  • quality and reliability
  • after sales service
  • availability of spare parts and technical support.