Screw Conveying System - the Efficient Way to Deliver Ice

The screw conveying system is an economical solution to transport ice. Two batching plants can be supplied simultaneously.
KTI provides hot dipped galvanised screw conveyors in open-trough and in tube execution. The length will be according to the requirements of the customer. Several delivery screw conveyors can be installed after another.

Screw conveyors

Screw conveyor systems are the most efficient solution for conveying ice. In order to provide highest flexibility KTI offers a wide range of standardized systems, covering the most common applications. If the standard package does not meet the customers requirements, KTI will offer custom-made solutions.
Two different executions of delivery screw conveyors are available, trough type or tube delivery screw conveyors.
The ice can be discharged to the final discharge point through a series of slide gates on demand.

Details of standard delivery screw conveyors:

  • Length: 2 m to 18 m
  • Diameter: 250 mm or 350 mm
  • Execution: trough or tube screw conveyor
  • Delivery rate: 40 t/h at a filling of 90 %

Basic Outfit

  • The half-pitch screw section on the ice inlet avoids jamming of the ice during further transportation.
  • Hot dipped galvanised finish
  • Replacement of any conveyor section can be accomplished without disturbing the adjacent neighboring sections.
  • Metering hopper adjusted to screw conveyor inclination including a Bin-o-matic level control to avoid jamming.
  • Insulation of the delivery screw conveyor optional
  • Pneumatically operated slide gate optional