Weighing Hopper

The ice weighing hopper discharges the ice by gravity, after being weighed, either into the feeder or on to a belt conveyor carrying the weighed aggregates, or directly into the mixer. This is actually the fastest and easiest way of adding ice to the mixer. This weighing hopper also has a special design to eliminate the possibility of the ice clogging during the discharge.

  • Available for loads of 250 kg, 300 kg, 500 kg up to 1200 kg
  • Flap operated by pneumatic cylinder
  • Power supply: 24V/DC or 220V/AC
  • Accurancy according to customer requirements
  • Hot dipped galvanised finished
  • Adjustable speed of opening the flap

KTI Weighing hopper are fully hot dipped galvanised and heavy duty design.