Water Chilling Plants

Pre-cool the warm water to get the most of your FLIP!

Pre-cooling the supplied water takes much load off the Ice machine. From cold water, the same FLIP outputs more ice. It operates at higher temperatures saving energy with smaller compressor required.
Alternatively, pre-cooling the make-up water enables using a smaller size icemaker. Bearing in mind that the flake-ice maker is a relatively expensive evaporating surface, the water chiller thus makes the combined plant cheaper.

Combined Cold Water / Flake Ice Plant

The make up water can be pre-cooled with integrated cold water plants installed inside the ice plant container.
If the application requires cold water for other purposes as well (e.g. hydro-cooling, immersion cooling, concrete cooling, ­bakeries etc.), then a larger capacity containerized cold water plant, or containerized ice water plant, is installed separately, inside a dedicated container. Up to four cooling stages. From 45 °C down to even less than 1 °C.

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