Flake Ice Delivery System and Weighing

The importance of high quality concrete increases steadily. Construction projects such as infrastructure, dam projects, power stations or ­property projects require a high quality ­temperature controlled concrete.
To produce temperature controlled concrete it is common to use chilled water or ice.

Beside the ice production, the ice ­handling and transportation is an important part of a plant setup.

Various possibilities of ice delivery systems are available to
improve the performance of the batching plant and the concrete
output to it’s maximum.

KTI stands for continuity in development and research, flexibility in realising improvements of our systems. KTI offers proven solutions for ice delivery to batching plants.
The handling of ice is difficult as it can not be handled like other bulk materials. KTI Flake Ice is dry and crispy while Plate Ice is wet and sticky.

From the ice storage the flake ice has to be transported to the mixer of the batching plant.

Flake Ice Delivery System and Weighing
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