Collapsible Ice Storage

Mobile ice storages with capacities of 40 tons to 90 tons can be realized anywhere in the world, as shipment and transportation of our regular mobile ice storages might not be possible. All mobile ice storages are available as a prefabricated modular collapsible system. The ice storage can be assembled at site under our supervision.

Even for construction projects where huge ice storages are required such as dam and airport projects where concrete productions of up to 12000 m3 per day have to be realized. In these cases collapsible ice storages have to be installed.

KTI has designed and manufactured several collapsible ice storages with different sizes which have been installed in our factory and dismantled for transport purposes. All modules fit into an ISO Container for shipping. 
The installation on site then can be done easily by the customer under our supervision.

The ice storage with steel frame and insulation is designed to accommodate the standard features of our reliable fully-automatic ice rake and delivery system.

Some flake ice plant machinery containers with integrated ice makers can be placed on top of the storage. Optionally one common machinery container is placed next to the ice storage while the flake ice makers are installed on top of the collapsible ice storage as installed on the Subansiri dam project in India where daily concrete capacities of 12000 m3 are achieved.

Collapsible Mobile Ice Storage
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