KTI’s Range of Products & Applications

KTI has a versatile range of products needed for all cooling applications for the industries mentioned below:

  • Ice water plants
  • Cold water plants
  • Flake ice plants
  • Plate ice plants
  • Block ice plants
  • Ice storage systems
  • Ice delivery systems
  • Cold water tanks
  • Steel frames, stairways and platforms
  • Accessoiries and components
  • Spare parts for refrigeration compressors and plants
  • Service and repairs

Over the last 30 years KTI has developed a complete range of products needed for the concrete industry.


These products are available for a range of industries as well:

KTI also provides products for Concrete Heating.

Turnkey solutions

KTI has specialised and gained vast experience in delivering turnkey solutions to customers with individual needs.
This in turn makes it possible to provide economic turnkey installations without hidden costs.

Meanwhile KTI has installed more than 3000 plants worldwide!