Pneumatic Blowing System

This system is ideal for transporting ice over longer distances or for multi icing stations. Basically, it consists of a weighing screw conveyor, an air lock rotary valve and of a high-volume and low pressure blower. The ice weighing screw conveyor is used to feed ice through the rotary air lock valve into the high velocity air stream after having weighed the ice. Through a pipe line (4” to 6”), the ice is blown into a ­cyclone receiver above the mixer.

Blower for pneumatic ice delivery systems

Delivers the oil-free air necessary for pneumatic delivery of ice.
The blower is placed in a separate section in the blowing system frame. The air inside the blower-room is chilled and dried.

Rotary valve

The compressed air is blown through a rotary valve, in which flake ice is dosed by the rotary valve. The specially designed rotary valve is coated inside to avoid corrosion and improve the performance.

Ice Weighing equipment for blowing systems

The weighing screw conveyor, which is placed below the slide gates, is filled directly by the discharge screw conveyor. KTI provides 300 kg or 500 kg weighing hoppers according to customers’ requirements. The weighing screw conveyor and the rotary valve are installed in a cold room. The low temperature avoids melting of ice and avoids sticking of the ice on the weighing screw conveyor.