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Ice Storage Systems

As important as the production is the appropriate storage of the produced flake ice. KTI supplies the following modular ice storages for holding capacities of up to 90 tons including fully-automatic ice rake and discharge systems.

Three general options are available:

  1. Mobile Ice Storages Semi-Automatic 22 and 26 tons
  2. Mobile Ice Storages from 18 to 90 tons
  3. Collapsible Ice Storages from 40 to 90 tons (larger sizes on request)

The storages have a special designed double-wall insulation which allows a proper air-circulation around the ice even when the ice storage is completely full. Of course each ice storage is equipped with an air-cooling unit keeping the storage temperature at around -5°C. Thus the flake ice remains crisp avoiding problems during the transportation by screw conveyors or by a blowing system.

Mobile Ice Storage
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