Containerized Ice Water Plants
producing 30 - 450 m3 per day

Four Cooling Stages

First cooling stage

Even under the most severe climatic conditions it is possible to cool water from practically any temperature down to 35 °C within an evaporative condenser without the use of a refrigeration compressor. Years of experience with concrete cooling equipment have shown that the water supply to a batching plant can reach temperatures of up to 45 °C during the summer, especially in the Gulf Countries.

This water is cooled down within the evaporative condenser to 35 °C, reducing the actual cooling capacity of the compressors by 25 %. Thus this refrigeration capacity of the first stage is free of charge.

Second cooling stage

Furthermore, it is much more efficient (by 25 %) to produce refrigeration capacity at an evaporation temperature of +7 °C than at 0 °C. Therefore the water is cooled from 35 °C to 12 °C in the heat exchanger of the second stage by the first compressor.

Third cooling stage

Then in the 3rd stage the water is cooled from 12 °C to 4 °C in the heat exchanger of the third stage by the second compressor.

Fourth cooling stage

Finally in the 4th stage the water is cooled from 4 °C to less than 1 °C in our special "ice bank system" by the second compressor. This system consists of a water tank in which plate or tube heat exchangers are installed. Around these heat exchangers ice can be accumulated without destroying the system. The water is circulated around these heat exchangers covered slightly with ice. That way the water temperature is between 0 °C and 1 °C.

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Standard Execution (CIWP)

  • One 20-ft or 40-ft ISO container, new, painted white, with air-conditioning, light and aluminium floor
  • Two semi-hermetic piston compressors (up to CIWP - 128) or screw compressors
  • One evaporative condenser with 2 circuits
  • Two high efficiency shell-and-tube evaporators as water chillers
  • One ice bank system
  • Stainless steel panel with stainless steel gauges and pressure transmitters
  • One water pump through chillers to ice bank system (inside container)
  • One water recirculation pump for sub-cooling
  • Pressure control valve for freezing protection of evaporator no. 2
  • Flow control with indication on PLC
  • Switch and control board with PLC and touch panel visualisation
  • Assembly, piping and wiring according to German regulations
  • Pressure test in our factory

Requirements on Site (CCWP and CIWP)
Water (2 bar pressure) and electric power supply, insulated cold water tank (with piping) and 2 strip foundations. Tanks available in containerized version for 57 m3 or inside prefabricated support frames for up to 150 m3.