Containerized Cold Water Plants
producing 77 - 448 m3 per day

Three Cooling Stages

First cooling stage

Even under the most severe climatic conditions it is possible to cool water from practically any temperature down to 35 °C within an evaporative condenser without the use of a refrigeration compressor. Years of experience with concrete cooling equipment have shown that the water supply to a batching plant can reach temperatures of up to 45 °C during the summer, especially in the Gulf Countries.

This water is cooled down within the evaporative condenser to 35 °C, reducing the actual cooling capacity of the compressors by 25 %. Thus this refrigeration capacity of the first stage is free of charge.

Second cooling stage

Furthermore, it is much more efficient (by 25 %) to produce refrigeration capacity at an evaporation temperature of +7 °C than at 0 °C. Therefore the water is cooled from 35 °C to 12 °C in the heat exchanger of the second stage by the first compressor.

Third cooling stage

Then in the 3rd stage the water is cooled from 12 °C to 4 °C in the heat exchanger of the third stage by the second compressor.


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Standard Execution (CCWP)

  • One 20-ft or 40-ft ISO container, new, painted white, with air-conditioning, light and aluminium floor
  • Two semi-hermetic piston or screw compressors
  • One evaporative condenser with 2 circuits
  • Two high efficiency shell-and-tube evaporators as water chillers
  • Stainless steel panel with stainless steel gauges and pressure transmitters
  • One water recirculation pump for sub-cooling
  • Pressure control valve for freezing protection of evaporator no. 2
  • Flow control with indication on PLC
  • Switch and control board with PLC and touch panel visualisation
  • Assembly, piping and wiring according to German regulations
  • Pressure test in our factory

Requirements on Site (CCWP.4 and CIWP.4)
Water (2 bar pressure) and electric power supply, insulated cold water tank (with piping) and 2 strip foundations. Tanks available in containerized version for 57 m3 or inside prefabricated support frames for up to 150 m3.