Water Chilling Plants

  • Power savings up to 55%
  • Latest compressor technology
  • PLC control with coloured touch screen
  • Cost saving installation

KTI offers water chillers for cooling the fresh water from temperature 45 °C down to +4 °C. They are called containerized cold water plants, Type: CCWP.
More efficient for lower concrete temperatures are KTI water chillers cooling the fresh water from temperature 45 °C down to +1 °C. They are called containerized ice water plants, Type: CIWP. They are equipped with special ice bank systems accumulating ice around tube or plate heat exchangers.

  • Up to a daily production of 180 m3 cold water, they are installed inside of 20-ft. containers corresponding to a daily concrete production between 200 and 1400 m3.
  • Up to a daily production of 450 m3 cold water, they are installed inside of 40-ft. containers corresponding to a daily concrete production between 1400 and 2800 m3 depending on the actual water inlet temperature and the possible addition of water.

All KTI chillers are highly efficient using three- or four-stage cooling, hot-dipped galvanised evaporative condensers, stainless steel heat exchangers, gauges and panel board and at least two compressors. The power consumption is between 30% and 50% less than conventional water chillers. Each water chiller is equipped with an extra pump for re-circulating the cold water inside the tank through the chillers once the tank is full.

Our latest containerized ­chillers are specially de­signed for cooling the mixing water for batching plants from 45 °C down to less than 1 °C.  Using evaporative condensers and a 4-stage cooling system these new ­containerized chillers are superior to any common water chiller available in the world.

And these are the reasons:
An evaporative condensing system is ­superior to common air-cooled ­sys­tems due to considerable ­dif­fer­en­c­es in condensing pressures and tempera­tures. ­Furthermore, our system guarantees the automatic elu­triation of the condenser with its self-cleaning effect. All our condensers are fully hot-dipped galvanised, thus ensuring the longest possible life expectancy.


High-tech semi-hermetic screw ­compressors made by BITZER

We use semi-hermetic compressors made by “BITZER”, the world famous ­German manufac­turer, to make sure that our customers not only get one of the most reliable compressors in the world but also receive proper service and spare parts every­where and at any given time.

Gauge and Control Panel

Stainless steel gauge panel with ­pressure transducers

The panel itself and the big diameter gauges for suction, discharge and oil pressure are all made of stainless steel assuring best visibility of the plant performance and longest life ­expectancy.

Switch and Control Board

Elecrtical switchboard with PLC control

The switch and control board of all KTI chiller plants is equipped with a high quality reliable PLC System. We designed and developed a new visual display which is a self explaining, comfortable and reliable way to operate ice plants and water chillers by a touch panel. It is both manufactured strictly according to German ­regulations (VDE) and equipped with the best electrical components available in the market. The panel board is designed for tropical use.

Touch Panel

Touch screen with PLC for control and visualisation of the plant performance

The installed touch panel indicates all Alarm messages and provides a HELP option for easy troubleshooting. More over all pressure settings and temperature settings are done at the panel. All six relevant water temperatures, and the water flow rate are indicated in the Touch Panel. The water level in the cold water tank is adjustable and ­indicated at the panel. The PLC is equipped with an ethernet network ­interface to realize a remote control of the plant.

Cold Water Pump

The water pump which is pumping the water from the evaporative condenser through the 3 chillers to the cold water tank is included in our scope of deli­very.

Sub-cooling (Recirculation Pump)

Our containerized ice water plants are equipped with subcooling facilities. That means that the water inside the cold ­water tank is recirculated through the 3rd and 4th stage after it has ­reached its ­upper limit. In case of a warm cold water tank, it is possible to use all 3 evaporators to cool down the tank by subcooling. That way, we guarantee that the water ­inside the cold water tank always has the lowest possible temperature. The ­required subcooling pump is included.

Container Assembly

Our chillers are assembled in our new and latest installation facilities by the most ­experienced refrigeration tech­­nicians inside of a 20-ft or 40-ft ISO con­tainer. This container is painted white on the inside and outside and equipped with lighting and an air-con­ditioning unit. Therefore the doors of the con­tainer can be kept closed. This avoids that dust and humidity ­enter the machinery container. We use brand new containers only. The floor of the container inside is layed with chequered aluminium sheets, to avoid rust build-up on the floor.
The ice water plant is assembled, piped, wired and pressure tested completely in our factory, prior to shipment.

Plug-in Units

Plug-in Units

Once power and water have been connected, the KTI plant is ready for operation. All safety and control devices are ­properly adjusted so that the installation of the plant can be done within one day in­clud­ing commissioning. The same ­applies for the dismantling of the plant. Just connect our plant to the water and power supply as well as to the insulated cold water tank on site and the plant is ready to run. This is also very important for contractors who are changing their site quite frequently.

Power Savings

Compared to conventional air-cooled water chillers (which are actually de­signed for air-conditioning purposes only) KTI ice water plants have a lower power consumption of up to 55%.

Lower Concrete Mixing Temperature

With 1 °C water (ice water) the lowest possible concrete temperature (approx. 30 °C depending on the aggregates) can be achieved. Lower temperatures are only possible by adding flake ice to the mixer. Just to emphasize: any 4 degree lower ­water temperature reduces the ­concrete temperature by 1 degree.

Ideal Supplement to Flake Ice Plants

Actually, the containerized ice water plants of KTI – CIWP – are a must before a flake ice machine is considered for concrete cooling. It is always recom­mended to cool down all water for the batching plant as low as possible in order to get the best possible performance of the flake ice plant installed eventually at a later stage. Compared to a flake ice plant, an ice water plant with the same refrigeration capacity costs only 25%. This illustrates the ­effectiveness and importance of a KTI ice water plant.

Extremely effective supplement: ­Prefabricated insulated cold water tanks from 57 m3 to 150 m3.

For a Better Future

Since many years now the world community is trying to save the climate of our planet. With the Kyoto and Montreal protocols among others certain standards are set for the use of different refrigerants. In addition to that KTI feels obliged not only to apply environmentally friendly refrigerants but also to design and manufacture economical, high efficient and long lasting products for the benefits of our customers.

These targets are achieved now in our new range of water chillers for the concrete cooling applications with the following measures:
- Environmental friendly refrigerants – R404A and R407C
- Multi-stage cooling from +45 °C down to less than 1 °C with unparalleled COP’s
- 2 semi-hermetic screw compressors with economizer performance
- Shell and tube evaporators (corrosion-free) for high-efficiency heat transfer and to reduced refrigerant charge and easy cleaning
- Fiberglass water tank (corrosion-free) for the ice bank system
- Fiberglass cooling towers for extended life expectancy and no corrosion