Aggregate Cooling by Air, Alternatively Combinable with Aggregate Heating Systems

Combination plant for the cooling and heating of concrete aggregates with air

Air is blown into the silos of the operator mixer plants as a cooling or heating medium. The plant is constructed in a modular manner and is robustly executed. Its standardized construction permits its use in a wide variety of locations.
The concept permits the fully automatic operation for both heating and cooling modes.
Thus the aggregates can, for example, be brought to the required temperature early in the morning, so that production can commence immediately.

With the development of infrastructure all around the world, demand for Buildings is increasing day by day. The quality requirements related to the building materials are continue to rise steadily and the time frame for project completion has become shorter than ever before. Building construction has become a round-the-year activity, results of climate change like hotter summers and sudden intense cold winters have great impact on the building construction. Along with these, constant economic pressure is a matter of great concern for Building contractors.
In order to ensure constant quality and meet the exacting stability requirements for concrete throughout the year (ambient temperatures of -20 °C to +35 °C), the setting speed must be optimally controlled via the ­temp­erature of the wet concrete.
The new ­heating and cooling plant by KTI-SAUTER is specifically ­designed for this purpose and provides the ideal solution.

KTI-SAUTER has developed combined cooling and heating systems that offer customers a truly “all-in-one-solution” – independent of concrete production requirements, climate or temperatures.

Performance data

  • Max. concrete capacity is 50 m³/h during operation of 10 h/day.
  • With a temperature difference of -10 °C to +30 °C of the aggregates