Aggregate Cooling by Air

In most cases, adding ice together with chilled water is sufficient to reach the required concrete temperature out of the mixer. However under certain circumstances it is required to cool the aggregates as well, either by air or cold water.

At construction sites with limited space, Aggregate Air Cooling Systems are preferred as the aggregate could be cooled in most cases in the existing silos. Therefore it’s not necessary to install a wet belt system and a dewatering system.

For the cooling by cold air, an exact defined airstream will be blown continuously through the aggregates in the silos. The air distribution will be guaranteed by specific designed air nozzles which are installed at the bottom of the silo. By using the effect of evaporative cooling, the cooling of the aggregates will be most efficient. Therefore the aggregates have to be moistened.

While the cold air is streaming through the silo, the cold air will be warmed up again. This warm air is carrying out the added moisture out of the silo. Hence, no additional moisture will be given to the aggregates.

Further Advantages of the aggregate cooling by air are:

  • No additional moisture will be added to the aggregates
  • Continuous process
  • Low operational costs
  • Lowest costs of investment
  • Mobile set-up
  • Short commissioning timings of the set-up

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