Stock Plants / Used Plants

All the KTI plants are containerized and thus mobile so that the erection and installation time at site is reduced to a minimum. This also helps for future projects to move the plants from one site to another within a few days and a minimum down time.

Available Stock Plants

Right now, we don’t have any stock plant available.

For more information you can directly contact our sales department: Tel.: +49 7347-9572-64 or you can send us an E- Mail at

Available Used Plants

The modular, long lasting and reliable concrete cooling  systems from KTI have the highest possible value for re-use. Most of the plants KTI has supplied for the construction of large dams are already in operation on a different site for the second time. 

Some of these efficient plants are available with us now. We would like to offer these plants to our customers at  reasonable price.

Right now, we don’t have any used plant available.

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