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Worldwide # 1 in Containerized Turnkey Cooling and Heating Solutions

Over the last decades KTI has pioneered concrete cooling technologies and developed new techniques to become the number one in concrete cooling worldwide. To maintain market leadership, KTI is constantly in search of innovations and new technological developments.

KTI-Plersch recognized already at an early stage that there is a huge demand in the market for both concrete cooling and concrete heating. In 2010 KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik GmbH took over Belimed Sauter AG’s business unit “Silo & Concrete Heating” to form a new company called Sauter Plersch AG. Since then KTI-Plersch and Sauter Plersch AG - today a fully integrated brand of KTI - have developed combined heating & cooling systems. Today, the Brands KTI and SAUTER are the worldwide # 1 in containerized turnkey cooling and heating Solutions.

KTI is customer-service centered. To guarantee KTI customers the smooth and reliable operation of each plant, KTI employs highly qualified teams of engineers and service technicians worldwide. They provide a unique after-sales customer service and support KTI customers all the year round, everywhere in the world.

The range of KTI customers is wide and covers the whole world. They all appreciate the service mentality, availability, spare parts supply and reliability of KTI.

A customer’s purchasing criteria includes more than the price. Attributes like quality, flexibility, mobility, sustainability, service availability, mentality and reliability play an equally important role.
Since each concrete cooling plant is custom-built, the emphasis is on finding customer-centered solutions in respect to design, capacities and suitable layout of the systems. All aspects of concrete cooling like performance, efficiency and flexibility are taken into consideration to ensure KTI customers optimum cost effectiveness.


KTI is well aware that its products use natural resources and consume energy. The KTI concept offers customers the possibility to produce ice with the lowest consumption of energy. Production of ice can also take place during the night and stored under safe conditions. With the KTI multistage cooler, the customer sees up to a 50% reduction of energy consumption compared to conventional water chillers.