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Working together with KTI-Plersch gives you several advantages:

1. Excellent engineering and years of experience

Before the equipment is purchased we develop the right concept with each customer. With our specially designed software we work out the best system for each mixing design and temperature. With more than 3000 installations of concrete cooling plants worldwide, each customer can be sure that the theoretical calculations are well-founded by our field experience. Moreover all this consultancy is free of charge.(Questionnaire)

2. Lowest possible installation costs

Not only the pure material costs of the refrigeration equipment is essential. More important is to avoid hidden costs during the initial installation and later during the dismantling. Our modular systems for cold water and ice production as well as the ice storages guarantee the shortest possible installation and commissioning times. These allow us to give turnkey prices even for material, installation and commissioning.

3. Re-usability through modular systems

In addition to that, these modular systems have the highest possible value for re-use either by the same contractor or by another contractor who buys our long-lasting and reliable equipment for a reasonable price.

Most of the concrete cooling systems KTI has supplied for the construction of large dams are already in operation on a different site for the second time:

  • from the Xiaolangdi Dam project in China to the Toshka water reservoir in Egypt
  • from the Birezik Dam to the Cine Dam project, both in Turkey
  • from the Platanovryssi Dam in Greece to the Mujib Dam in Jordan

4. Reliability through quality

KTI products comply with the highest international standards and are designed for the heaviest climatic conditions. All of our refrigeration plants are installed inside of new Standard 20- or 40-ft. containers. They are equipped with all necessary lighting and, what is most important, with an air-conditioning unit to avoid internal overheating. During operation all doors can be closed which protects the inside equipment from moisture, dust and excess heat. All components are carefully selected. It is the philosophy of KTI to use only the best equipment which is available on the international market.

5. Spare parts management

KTI provides top-quality customized solutions worldwide. Our spare parts management services ensure maximum availability, reliable performance as well as precise and continuous operation of KTI products. To safeguard the optimum performance of its products, KTI maintains spare parts centers at regular service points in Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Brazil. Situated in the UAE (Dubai International City) KTI owns a spare parts storage warehouse with more than 500m2 at a geographically ideal location.

Customers worldwide can rely on a very short response time to emergencies with a guaranteed availability of spare parts within 24 hours. 24/7 technical support ensures the smooth and reliable operation of KTI products.

6. KTI service – dedicated to customer care

We care about our customers. Therefore KTI offers only top-quality services. KTI service teams are well-trained and highly qualified. They consist of very experienced service technicians and engineers. At KTI service points and training centers, an efficient fleet of fully equipped service cars are at their disposal 24/7.

At KTI training facilities in Dubai, we offer training programs for customer service staff and personnel according to German regulations. In case of larger construction sites, onsite training for staff is provided.

KTI is customer-service centered. 
KTI after-sales customer service and support teams bring peace of mind to our customer because their competence is the key to fast solution management and the smooth operation of KTI products.

Flexibility, mobility, sustainability, service reliability and availability equal KTI service mentality.