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Richard Plersch sen.


How it all began ...

In 1923 Richard Plersch sen. began with the design and manufacturing of components and plants for the refrigeration industry. He set the standards for future generations by focusing on innovative products and highest quality standards. His son Richard Plersch II continued that tradition and established the global reputation of PLERSCH products.

Today, the company runs by Rupert Plersch in the third generation. As managing director he keeps the family tradition and philosophy alive. In a well-founded entrepreneurial spirit he has established KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik GmbH and in the last 30 years the company has become a leading refrigeration contractor worldwide. KTI-PLERSCH products stand for first-class, cutting edge refrigeration plants of top quality. Since 1986 more than 3,000 cooling plants have been sold and installed worldwide. They testify to the innovative PLERSCH spirit and workmanship.

In addition to the production of turnkey solutions for the Concrete Cooling Industry, the sale of components and spare parts as well as service and consultation are KTI core business areas.

... and where we are today

KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik GmbH is a dynamic and innovative German refrigeration contractor specializing in Concrete Cooling and special equipment.

In the past 30 years KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik GmbH has set new standards for block ice plants and flake ice plants as well as for fully automatic ice storage and delivery systems.

At company headquarters in Balzheim, ice plants and cooling systems are developed, designed and manufactured to meet the most diverse needs of KTI customers worldwide.

KTI is a solution finder: the main goal is to provide the very best solutions to the concrete cooling industry.

KTI is the customer-centered solution finder: KTI cooling solutions always consider customer needs and requirements.

KTI means responsibility, know-how, expertise, four generations of experience, innovation, team spirit, and deep personal commitment by the Plersch family and employees. We work hand in hand. This approach has made us what we are today:

  • A successful international company
  • An innovative company with a solution oriented service mentality
  • A customer-oriented approach
  • A reliable partner for customers, employees, suppliers and business partners