Broccoli, watercress and other fresh leafy vegetables are ingredients of a healthier diet in today’s cooking. To get these delicate green vegetables in perfect condition to the table all-year-round, growers first remove the ‘field heat’. Then the crop is kept both at a low temperature and a high moisture level.

Temperature and Moisture Control

In the melting process changing from solid to liquid, one kg of ice absorbs 80 Kcalories from the vegetables it is in contact with. It cools the product slightly above 0 °C avoiding any risk of over-chilling these fragile products.
By the same token, ice prevents the so-called ‘drip loss’ that rapidly affects the color and taste of fresh produce.
A good illustration of drip loss is the rapid surface change of an apple as it dries up after it has been cut in two. Whilst ice cools the fresh vegetable, the melted ice water evaporates and changes from liquid to water vapor. This saturates the air around the product with moisture. Ice keeps a perfect balance between humidity and temperature for optimum preservation of the product retaining all of its own moisture and maintaining its green, freshly cut appearance.

KTI Ice Benefits

The small KTI flake ice is used for ­hydro-cooling and broccoli packing.
In hydro-cooling applications the KTI flake ice is mixed with cold water to produce a fresh-water slurry that flows all around the product and creates rapid and dynamic cooling. For broccoli packing the small dry ice flakes fill the gaps between the packing cartons and the broccoli.

KTI Ice Plants for Modern Growers

  • Mobile Flake Ice Plants (FLIP)
    The KTI flake ice plants (FLIP) are ­containerized and mobile. Hence they can be installed outdoors for removal of the field heat immediately after ­harvesting.
  • Mobile Ice Storages (MIS)
    The semi-automatic mobile ice ­storage models MIS 22 sa and MIS 26 sa respectively store 22 and 26 tons of flake ice which can be transported to the farm. The insulated storage room, leveling screw and the air cooler for the storage are completely installed inside a 40-ft. container. It can be handled and transported with standard trailers – this means it can be moved to any other sites easily.

Ice, the ideal cooling medium for fresh, leafy vegetables