Sausage Making

  • Sanitary ice
  • Automated ice dispensing
  • Reduced cutter load
  • Effective temperature control

KTI flake ice is one of the strongest weapons to fight bacteria during the manufacturing process of sausages, burgers and fine paste.
Whilst the meat is chopped in the grinder, the rapidly moving blades ­create a significant amount of friction and heat, which will encourage the growth of bacteria. The cold flake ice is introduced in the grinder during the mincing process to keep the temperature of the emulsion down and minimize microbial growth. The response in temperature-drop by adding sub-cooled KTI ice is immediate. The resulting melt water further ­contributes to better meat binding and strong emulsion. KTI ice makers are especially ­adjusted to produce small mini-flakes that are gentle on the cutter blades and minimize chopping load.

Hygienic KTI Split Units (FLIP su)

KTI ice makers are specifically designed to raise the hygiene in the meat processing applications. Careful ­attention has been paid to prevent all sanitary hazards.In this application, since the ice comes into contact with the product ­formulation, KTI is promoting stainless steel ice makers as well as cleaning-in-place designs. Furthermore, the water path design in our ice makers prohibits ‘dead-ends’ and includes provision for the drainage of water, thus preventing the making of ice from stagnant water. The flake ice maker is easily located at the most suitable spot in the processing room, near user point, so as to minimize ice handling. The condensing unit is totally enclosed and can be fitted outside the plant preventing warm air rejection or circulation of contaminated air within the processing room.

Ice Handling Systems

KTI ice handling systems introduce pneumatically the ice from the plant into the bowl-chopper, tumbler or tendering machine in a fully automated and sanitary way.

Just another quality ingredient in your recipe