Underground Plants for Cooling

  • Designed for extreme underground environment
  • Direct cooling at hotspot
  • Using waste water for heat rejection
  • Using waste water as chilled water
  • Insertion through mine shaft and relocatable within the mine
  • High performance at small footprint

The underground plants are highly mobile and easy transportable (horizontal and vertical) through the mine shaft or relocatable within the mine towards the hotspot for direct cooling.

Advantages of underground cooling plants from KTI

  • Designed for deep mining application in very compact dimensions
  • Cleanable heat – exchangers (condenser and evaporator)
  • Plug and play solution with short start-up time
  • Reliable (24/7 operation all-year-round)
  • Special high efficient heat exchanger tubes
  • Designed for usage with high water fouling factors
  • High efficiency (flooded operation of evaporator)
  • Corrosion protection
  • Safe refrigerants
  • Robust construction – steel frame with protective housing
  • Electric control cabinet with high water protection

Underground Chiller UC 1000

The underground chiller UC 1000 consists of one unit with the cooling capacity of up to 1 MW (water outlet temperature +4°C).



Underground Plate Ice Plant UP 80

The underground plate ice plant consists of two units, which can be assembled in different ways, to individually serve the underground installation situation. Ice production capacity 80 tons/day (400 kW).



UP 80 assembly options