Mining Industry -
Cooling for Deep Mines

Down in hot deep mines excavating activities generate heat, where rock temperature already reaches 60 °C. For miners who work there for prolonged time periods, the workspot should be cooled to more acceptable temperatures in the range of 28 °C.

Mining, on a global scale, has continuously been challenged by three factors in recent history: cost saving, improved efficiency and environmental responsibility. As more and more ore deposits „open up“ down depth through improved underground mining methods, a need for more innovative supporting processes like mine cooling also increases.

Two main factors contribute to heat at depth in underground operations: the inherent geothermal gradient or latent heat of the rock mass, as well as operational heat generation within stopes. Delivering an ambient working temperature is a prerequisite for any underground operation.

KTI Global Mining is the pioneer in the innovative supply of surface plate ice plants (PLIP), mobile underground plate ice plant (UP) and mobile underground water chillers (UC), delivering German quality engineering and manufacturing standards to the underground mine cooling domain.

Installation Principle

Combined cooling with PLIP installation above ground and underground plants for cold water or plate ice.