Meat and Poultry

  • Spinchiller output below 4 °C
  • Reduced cooling time
  • Improved productivity
  • Water saving
  • Energy saving
  • Consistent chilling
  • Continuous ice production
  • No ice defrost cycle

Poultry is the cheapest and most ­accessible protein source. The accelerated pace of slaughter and large ­human consumption call for implementation of normative practices and equipment aiming at securing the ­quality and safety of the products. The cooling phase is a critical stage of this industrial process. In this field, KTI contributes its refrigeration know-how through specific equipment for ­improved refrigeration practices in poultry slaughter houses.

Refrigeration for Immersion Chillers

Bird carcasses are immersed in water tanks for chilling and reduction of contamination. During immersion chilling, the temperature must drop from 40 °C to below 4 °C.
Flake Ice Plants (FLIP) with Integrated Cold Water Plants (ICWP)
A flake ice plant with integrated cold water plant allows cooling down even the biggest birds below 4 °C within the shortest chilling times. The ICWP pre-cools the water for the FLIP and provides water at 4 °C for the spinchiller. The FLIP continually produces small ice that evenly fills the spinchiller cells. The ice maker is specifically adjusted for the production of cold mini-flakes. These thin ice particles, circulate between and within the carcasses to quickly absorb their heat.
The small size of the flakes fosters faster and more effective chilling. Such dynamic cooling drastically cuts the chilling times (30 to 45 min according to chicken weight), enabling significant water and energy savings. In comparison, thicker plate or tube ice takes longer to melt and remains partly unfrozen at the end of the tank (spoiled energy). The continuous ice harvesting mode also results in more consistent chilling than plate or tube ice with periodical defrost cycles.

Accurate Temperature Control

The automated ice storage doses and dispenses the right amount of ice ­according to the chiller load. A probe can be connected to the PLC of the ice storage to automatically trigger ice ­delivery as soon as temperature reaches the critical threshold.

Energy Efficiency

In view of the large volumes of ice ­required for this application, KTI focuses on energy-efficiency and offers ­optimized refrigeration systems. They are flooded, with economizers, highly efficient condensers and compressors with an unmatched coefficient of performance.

Portioned Poultry and Offals

KTI ice is ideal for mixing with poultry pieces, fine pastes or offals.

Enhancing the quality and safety of meat products