Accurate Temperature of the Mixer

Mixing dough creates a lot of heat. The dough warms up quickly as a con­sequence of both mixing energy and fermentation. Small quantities of sub-cooled KTI flake ice in the kneading machine enables accurate temperature control of each batch to below 20 °C (70°F). Thanks to its large heat-exchange surface-area, the ice has a quick impact on the mix temperature preventing secondary lactic and butyric fermentation, unwanted bacterial growth, inconsistent dough texture, unpleasant smell and acrid taste.

KTI Ice Handling Systems Raise Hygiene

Flake Ice Plants Split Units (FLIP su)

  • The compact flake ice maker of KTI split units, is easily located at the most suitable spot in the processing room, near the point of use while the weatherproof condensing unit is placed outside and rejects the warm air outside the factory.
  • Light flake ice is gentle on the mixer rotor. Thanks to its large heat-exchange surface-area it enables controlling the dough temperature with a minimal moisture input for accurate application of each specific recipe.
  • Ice Delivery Systems
    In industrial bakeries the ice is often shoveled and weighed manually up to four times per hour and 22 hours-a-day. The KTI ice handling systems precisely dose the correct amount of ice with metering and weighing hoppers. They further deliver the desired ice batch with screw or pneumatic conveyors directly into the mixing bowl. The fully automated and ­sanitary handling of the ice saves tedious labor, improves health and safety and raises the overall factory hygiene.

Temperature control for ­consistent dough quality